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Welcome to Devon Garden Furniture

Devon Garden Furniture designs and makes high quality garden furniture including Benches, Picnic Tables, Tables and Seats

Welcome to Devon Garden Furniture

Devon Garden Furniture has been making garden furniture at the Portsmouth Arms Sawmill for 20 years, developing the full range that is now available. Our designs, materials and method of construction reflect the specific needs of furniture to survive in the British Climate. The designs have been developed with long life and easy maintenance in mind and all materials are from sustainable sources. Colours may vary due to treatment process and weathering. Sizes are approximate and may vary slightly.

Our Customers Include –

  • Private dwellings
  • Schools
  • Pubs and Resturants
  • Hotels
  • Golf courses
  • Cafes and Bistrols
  • Health Clubs
  • Theme Parks
  • National Park
  • Marinas

The main strengths of Devon Garden Furniture as we and our customers see them are:


  • Is as long lasting as hardwood with our pressure treatment
  • Has higher levels of comfort than hardwood and plastic/metal

Devon Garden Furniture

  • Only uses wood from sustainable sources
  • Offers considerable discounts on larger orders. Please call (01769 560223) or email for prices