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Why softwood?

Hardwood garden furniture seems to be very trendy at the moment. So why is all our garden furniture made of softwoods?

Well, we think softwood has all sorts of good features that trendy TV gardeners have overlooked – particularly for rainy English gardens.

Tanalised softwood is comfortable

Because softwood is relatively easy to work, we can shape it into comfortable curves to fit the human body. We think that you’ll struggle to find hardwood furniture that is as comfortable and pleasant to sit on as ours, at a comparable price.

Tanalised softwood is suitable for the UK weather

‘Tanalised’ means the wood is pressure-treated to resist wet and rot. Our furniture is fastened together with plated bolts. If the wood moves a little in the damp, you just tighten the bolts, and your furniture is as good as new.

Although every care is taken in selecting the timber, unlike plastic, any timber open to the British climate will show signs of some cracks and warping, but with pressure treatment, this will not detract from the life or usefulness of the product.

Most of the cheaper hardwood furniture you’ll see is imported ready-made. It’s designed and made in much hotter countries. So, once it’s sat in a damp English garden for a while, the wood starts to expand, the joints start to move, and because the joints are usually mitred, it can get seriously wobbly.

Won’t it need treating regularly?

Tanalised softwood, which is what most of our furniture is made of, needs less maintenance than you may think. Just give it a wash down with soapy water but can be further enhanced with a tin of softwood oil.

Tanalised softwood garden furniture is affordable

Because softwood grows relatively quickly, and is easier to work than hardwood, we can offer really well-made comfortable, properly finished garden furniture at a price you can reasonably afford.

Tanalised softwood is sustainable

Softwoods are a well-established crop in Europe and the UK. Our furniture is made using kiln dried Swedish softwood from sustainable sources.

If you choose teak or another tropical hardwood, it’s very hard to be really sure that you aren’t buying wood that has come from the destruction of rainforest and other valuable environments.